Season: glacier: october – may, resort: december - may
Altitude :
1 377 – 3 307 m.
Ski slope length:
146 km
Innsbruck, Mnichov

   Ski resort Sölden is placed in Tirol valley Ötztal. This modern glacial resor is well known for perfectly treated slopes, extensive line of  different ski track spinosity and also for „apréski“ clubs. It goes without saying the night skiing is possible. For that purpose 4 km slope and ski show is available.
   For those who are tired after all day skiing (or standing by the crusher) there are termal springs nearby - Aqua Dome Längenfeld.
   Every year The World cup downhill race is opened in Sölden glacier by prefactorial giant slalom. Couple snowboard races of The World cup take place in Sölden.
   An event wich deserves the patience is april „theatre show“ under open sky called Hanibal. This splendid show take place in 2600 m. and 20 snowbreakers, helicopter, scooters and also fleet fighter „cast“ in that show and narate a legend about Cartago commander Hanibal, known for his magnificent Alps crosiing with elephants and arrival to Rome pylons.  
   For thouse and many other reasons Sölden in one of the most visited Austrian resorts. After Viena and Salzburg is the thirdt most favourite destination in Austria with more than 2 milion tuourists every year.

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