Official language: German
Capital City:
State system:
Federal republic  (9 independent federal regions)
83 871 km2
8 348 233 (2008)
Population density:
99,5 inhabitants per km2
euro (EUR)
Time zone:
UTC  + 1

In Slavic languages german name Österreichmeans „East empire“. This name originates in old germanic word Ostarrichi, wich labeled so called Eastern Mark, the easternmost region inhabitated by german population.

Geographical situation
Austria lay out in central Europe and anjoin with eight states - Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary, Czech republic, germany and Lichtenstein.
Austria can be - without any doubts - called mountain country, 60% of its extension consist of mountains.  The beiggest part forms Alps (Tyrol Alps, High and Low Taura, South chalk Alps and Viena Forrest). Beside that there are another smaller mountain edges in Austria: Czech massif and Carpathian Mountains. The highest peak of Austria is  Grossglockner  (3 798m).
Along Danube river we can find walleys (Alpine glasic and Viennese basin). Another walleys are on the south of Austria in Styria, wich resemble Tuscana so much, that is often called Stryria-Tuscana. The lowest area in Austria is around small viticultural village Hedwighof in Burgenland region (114 m.).
Climate in Austria is bland, but has its specific: sometimes it is labeled as mixture of ocean and continental climate. Thanks to that fact the winters are freezing, summers hot and ammount of rain low on the east and on the west the situation is opposite. Alpine region with its „Alpine climate“ is very specific part of Austria.
Skiing in Austria
What football means for Brasilian, skiing means for Austrian, worf for word. Small boys in Brasilia play after school time football behind the house, small kids in Austria ski, snowbord or ski-jump in the snowpark behind the house.

Austrians also wach carefully all possible championships. Answer to the question „why“ is simple: in Austria you will find 500 resorst - all around the country. You can choose between small „family“ resorts in lower parts (in Carithina region, Lowwer and Upper Austria, Salzburg and Tyrol, Vorarlberg) wich are very oftern connected into huge ski areas with hundrets kilometrs of slopes.
It must be sayed, visitors do not come only thanks to perfectly maintained slopes and tracks, but also because of the unique atmosphere of mountain cabins, hospitality of Austrians and some also for specific „apre-ski“ music.

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