Official language: Spanish, Quechua, Aymara
Capital City:
County seat:
La Paz
State system:
Presidential republic
1 098 581 km2
9 119 152
Population density:
8,3 inhabitants per km2
Boliviano BOB ( 1€ = 9,57 BOB)
Time zone:
UTC  - 4

   Bolivia deduce its name from Simón Bolivar, who was the leader of fight for independecy in couple  South America countries  (Venezuela, Peru, Columbiy, Panama, Ecuador and Bolivia).

Geographical situation

   Bolívia is placed in central part of South America It is bounded by five states -  Brasil on the north and east, Peru a Chile on the west, and  Argentina a Paraguai on the south.
   Over Bolivia goes two Anda edges, wich are over  6500 m. high (Sajama 6 542 m). between theese two edges, in 3000 - 4000 m. tableland  Altiplano  is placed. Altiplano trench deep into Peru and goes over all west Bolivia to the frontier with Argentina. This part of Bolivia is the core of the land and despite its cold climate 80% population live here. In the north Altiplano, in 3800 m. lies   Titicaca lake with Bolivia-Peru border.  Titicaca is highest placed lake in the world with commercial transport. 
   Toward east the sharp Anda ramps flows Llanos plateau, wich is the biggest part of Bolivia. Bolivia is covered by rain forrest on north-east and on the south-east by dry and hot savannah  Gran Chaco.

   72%  population of Bolivia consist of native Indian  Kechu (30,7%) and Ajmar (25,2%). 27,5% are half-breed. The rest of the population are immigrants from other South America and European countries.

Skiing in Bolivia

   It is hard to believe that there is one ski resort in Bolivia. And moreover, it has one world primacy    Chacaltaya resort, placed in 5222 – 5422 m is the highest ski resort over the world. Regrettably, according to the latest news the glacier on with the slope is placed melts and the slope has not operate in last few years.

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