Season: half of june - half of october
2700 – 3740 m.n.m.
Slopes superelevation:
Ammount of snow precipitation: 

Everybody who loves ski-riding in powder snow and wants to see Altantic ocen on one side and Pacicic ocean on other side from one point on highest  American mountain Aconcagua, shall visit ski resort 108 Km from Santiago de Chile.
Ski Arpa, with extension 4942 acr.,  lay out in two walleys   „Valle el Apra“ and „Valle la Honda“. Ski Arpa is real eden for free riders for many reasons. First of all, there is great amount  of high quality snow and giant number of ramps of all length and falling gradient. But the main reason, why skiing in Arpa is the real experience is using special snow-breaker traspotration („Snowcat skiing“) to the top of mountains and riding down with highly skilled and experienced trainers by the free and virgin terrain. You would seach for ski-tow and slopes to no purpose. But it could be different if...
On early 80. highlander and  ski coach Anton Sponar decided to buy land from local yeomen and build up his own ski resort.  In 1984 there was also one ski-tow, but this year the amount of snow was enormous and  snowslip destroyed new ski-tow. The happened to the newly built snow-tow next year. For financial reasons other snow-tow was not built and the dream about ski resort dissolved.
In 2003 first snow-breaker was bought and first skiers started to brush down Ski Arpa hills. Nowadays two ski-breakers are used and mountain cabin was built for visitors, who gasp for rest and refresh. The dream of (today) seventy three years old Tony Sponar came finaly true.

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